Wilderness Hunting Adventures

Whatever you aim for, your guide will help you plan your hunt and make it as demanding or leisurely as you like.

The immense surrounding wilderness is abundant with elk, thanks to our remote location and limited hunting pressure. Our professional guides are experienced hunters who can get you close during the heat of elk rut and bugle season. You’ll never forget the soar of adrenaline when a screaming bull thunders through the forest towards you in response to your guide’s call.


Our Dean Creek hunting camp provides the perfect base to spike out with your guide. This is rugged backcountry territory that only a privileged few have trekked before. Some of the timbered range climbs to 7800 feet. It is prime hunting ground for trophy elk and mule deer. It’s also one of the last places where you can rifle hunt bugling elk.

Spotted Bear Ranch is offering two different types of hunting packages for the 2018 season.

All hunting packages can be either rifle or archery hunts.

General Season Opening Week Lodge Adventure Elk & Deer Hunt

This is a 7 day/8 night hunt based from our lodge that includes three meals per day.

Early Rifle Season Bugle Wilderness Adventure Elk Hunt

This is a 7 day/8 night wilderness expedition hunt that includes three meals per day.

Please Note: Licenses are not included in the price of the hunt.
Required Licensing info can be found at: http://fwp.mt.gov

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